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Read First - Common Sense Rules

posted Jul 13, 2010 02:16:04 by NicoleG
Welcome to the Root Cause of Breakups Support Group. Please make yourself at home here and
read the following rules before getting started.

1. Vent about your relationship but no excessive use of profanity.
2. Do not defame your boyfriend, husband, dating partner. No partner's names allowed
3. You are here for personal growth so if you aren't open to this, you will not grow. It is ok to seek answers but it should be because you are wanting to learn from your relationship problem and grow so you can stop failing.
4. Original comments only. Do not post private emails here or other personal information
5. You will be deleted if you spam. Zero tolerance for spamming.
6. Zero tolerance for racial/ethnic remarks and inflamatory comments.

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